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Google To Launch Google Android Nation Store In India

Written By chandra sekhar paturi on Thursday, 20 June 2013 | 07:06

Google is all set to launch their Google Android Nation Store in India. An actual physical store, the Google Android Nation Store will cater to Android customers by serving apps and other facilities to users.
The first ever store in India, it will also act as a showroom for showcasing the Google OS – The Android, its various Android-oriented products and the catalogue of apps among various other things. Let’s see how this will change things for the OS-War and Google.

- The Idea

Google launched their first ever nation store in Indonesia to cater to an enthusiastic Android audience. It offers a demo of what the OS holds along with various Android gadgets for sale, especially the flagship Nexus range of smartphone and tablets. It also gave Android users upgrading solutions and details about apps available in the online Google store. The shop offers a menu filled with QR codes for costumers to browse through and download any app they please. India happens to be the second country on their hit-list to be introduced to the world of a physical Google store.

- The Approach

Google has played its cards smartly with this one. Knowing full well the potential of India with its ever-growing smartphone market and the dominance that Android already has with regards to Apple’s iOS or Microsoft’s Windows 8. This move highlights how tech biggies all over the world have started to take the Indian market seriously and taking initiatives to launch and introduce new elements without any hassle.
Apple and Microsoft have already had this in place, albeit with not too much effect in the Indian market. Apple with its high-end pricing and the lack of Microsoft’s Windows 8’s recognition might help Google in cementing its base in India. Google’s ‘Start Searching India’ is another example of Google’s keen interest in the Indian tech market.
Google is all set to tie-up with Spice mobiles, who is bringing down China’s third largest smartphone brand CoolPad, to India and its neighbouring countries. Google’s initiative to introduce Android as the ideal Operating System to the Indian masses is a brilliant move, and may very well catapult them ahead in the game.
Google is also hoping to sell the latest pure Android-enabled Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One through these stores along with the Nexus series that include the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10.


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